The Champions

This documentary pierces your heart, expands your brain and solidifies your passionfor helping dogs in need. It's a provocative true story about the many dogs that have crawled their way out of the depths of dog fighting rings and into the lives of loving human beings.

Each dog examined in this video is an individual with different struggles and demons to overcome. All it takes is one day and one caring individual to rehabilitate a life. Are you that individual TODAY?

Organizations like BADRAP (or our very own BCBC) put their own agendas on hold to help these canine victims of the sick, twisted and illegal "sport" of dog fighting.

Surely you've heard of Michael Vick? Well get ready to hate him (and people like him) even more (if that 's possible).


A Ruff Road Home: The Court Case Dogs of Chicago By Susan Russell

This award-winning book recounts the stories of dogs once caught in Chicago's court system after being confiscated from neglect or abuse, and their journey from the city shelter into loving and supportive homes.  It also tells the stories of the heroes, rescue organizations, and volunteers that helped the dogs get a second chance at a great life, thanks to the first-in-the-nation Court Case Dog™ Program of Safe Humane Chicago.  Purposefully written and beautifully photographed, A Ruff Road Home will tug at your heartstrings and instill a necessary sense of hope.

A Ruff Road Home is a combined, pro-bono effort to raise awareness of and funds for Safe Humane's important work with veterans, at-risk youth, and dogs who have "done the time but not the crime."

Are You Making Your Dog Sick? Asks Michele Patton

Are you making your dog sick? There may be items lurking in your household or yard that can harm your dog. Even some foods can harm your dog. Learn how to be a better pet parent from the dogs point of view.

 ( - "Not Just A Dog" is a book written from the dog's point of view to raise awareness and hopefully tap into human compassion to give dogs a better chance at life.  How many times have you heard someone say, “It’s just a dog, it will figure it out” meanwhile the dog may suffer or become ill from something that could have been prevented, if the human only knew.  This book was written to debunk some of those misconceptions, give tips on basic care and needs, and help both dog and human gain some understanding of each other. So man’s best friend and human aka D.B.F. (dog’s best friend) can live a happier life together.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various shelters.  Be a D.B.F!  (dog's best friend)

The Little Red Hound Written By Julianne Carlile

Charming and original are the two words that best describe Julianne Carlile’s novel, The Little Red Hound.  Laced with folksy humor, thought provoking wisdom and an array of interesting characters, The Little Red Hound is a story within a story told by an unnamed narrator. It ultimately begs to answer the question of whether a mixed breed dog named Sam can compete in a local rabbit hunt with trained purebreds and win the yearly contest fair and square.

When the narrator, a natural born story teller, befriends newcomer, Julian Crane, he becomes involved in a scam that he dislikes. Yet the opportunity to thwart town bully, Crawley, is too alluring.  In between mentoring Julian and keeping his wife, Angie, happy, the lovable narrator regales all who care to listen, often at the town’s Beulah Vista Bar, with an unending supply of stories, some delightful, some disturbing.

Twice Sam has lost the contest. Will his luck change on his third try? Maybe, with a little underhanded help, this will be the year he takes the prize and the narrator will have a new story to tell that will be hard to top.

Book Review By Doris Greenberg

 In Herriot’s SHADOW, Written by Bill Stork, DVM

“In Herriot’s SHADOW” is a country veterinarian’s engaging collection of musings. Elegant in its honesty, humanity and humor, it is written straight from the heart. A cross between “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and James Herriot’s, “All Creatures Great and Small”, it will leave you touched and entertained. With short chapters, this is a book that’s easy to pick up but impossible to put down. You truly will laugh, cry and marvel at its humanity and wisdom.  

Set in Rural, Wis., Dr. Stork is an Illinois transplant who embraces all things Wisconsin including the Green Bay Packers and polar vortexes! He appreciates kindness and a strong work ethic. He is dedicated to the protection of the human-animal bond. Aside from deftly describing his rural surroundings, neighbors and their animals and pets, he offers wonderful tributes to his mother, veterans and farmers. You will meet humans, Mrs. Haynes, Uncle Con, and animals, Abby, Pumpkin, Jenny, Sallie, Tricks and Minnie, among others. Each has an amazing story and an important lesson to share.

I highly recommend “In Herriot’s SHADOW”. Dr. Stork, you need not stand in anyone’s shadow. I believe the renowned James Herriot, himself, would proudly offer you a tip of the hat and a hearty “well done.” Book Review by Doris Greenberg

Animals as Seen Through God’s Eyes: A Walk Through the Bible in Search of the Truth about Animals, Written by Dwila R. Funk

The New York Times headline read, “Dogs in Heaven? Pope Francis Leaves Pearly Gates Open.”  In December 2014, the Pope suggested that animals may be found in heaven. His statement delighted many pet lovers despite their religious affiliation. Why? Many have struggled with early religious teachings that said no pets would be allowed in heaven!

Dwila R. Funk, author of Animals as Seen through God’s Eyes, is an avid animal advocate. Her religious upbringing left her conflicted between her love of animals and her love of God. This book is her journey to understand if animals have souls, ultimately bringing peace to her life.

Funk effectively mixes Bible verses with her analysis and includes poignant stories of her experiences with her own pets. She reveals how animals interacted with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jonah and St. Francis of Assisi. Funk cites biblical proof that God breathed life into animals; hence proof that they have souls.

Reading Bible verses can be challenging if you are not accustomed to doing so, therefore Funk’s explanations clarify the biblical text. Her analysis is thorough and convincing. Her inclusion of favorites such as the “Rainbow Bridge” and the “Peaceable Kingdom” bring her point home that, yes, animals belong in heaven. Book Review by Jean M. Jahnke, CPDT-KA

Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge: True Animal Rescue StoriesWritten, Written by Mark Feldstein

Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge is a compilation of more than 70 heart-warming, often gut-wrenching, tales of real life animal rescue stories. Readers of every age will find this book fast paced with the perfect blend of suspense and humor, not to mention the tears and raw emotions it evokes in those who care about every living creature. Mark Feldstein’s research and artfully written stories take you behind the scenes of incredible no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuaries and shelters from around the country. These unbelievable yet real life stories of rescue and hopeful survival cause you to question how some humans can treat animals with such cruelty. Why can’t people be more like animals?

You’ll meet a little girl named Sarah, an abused child ultimately saved by a rescued horse named Wakia, and Ajax, a puppy tossed from the window of a car traveling on a highway in Farmington, Mo. You’ll discover other loving animals from large bears to talking parrots, each with an amazing gift to share. And you’ll learn first-hand why so many inspiring individuals sacrifice their careers and free-time to try and save the more than 2.5 million animals being tortured, abused and abandoned each year. As stated on the book’s back cover, don’t be surprised if, after reading this book, you find yourself volunteering or adopting at your nearest animal shelter.

If you love animals, this wonderfully written book is a must read! Not only does it offer insight on how to better help those who cannot help themselves, but there’s a bonus: 10 percent of the profit from each sale of this book is donated to animal rescues. This dog lover gives it two paws up! Book Review by Pandre’ Shandley

My Name is Honey And I'm a Pit Bull, Written by Lisa Dellwo

This is the story of how Honey - a Pit Bull - was rescued from a fighting ring and transferred to the animal shelter where Dellwo was a volunteer. Eventually, Honey is adopted by Dellwo’s boyfriend at the time and so begins the journey of Honey’s new life of love, understanding and happiness. The author writes from Honey’s point of view about her new life with a loving and caring family. Although this book is noted as “kids club eligible” on the Barnes and Noble website, as a Literacy Specialist, I caution children reading this book on their own without an adult to guide a discussion. The first nine pages are very graphic about how fighting dogs are handled and what happens to dogs in a kill-shelter..I commend Ms. Dellwo for her dedication to rescuing Honey and for providing a loving home for her. But more importantly, for sharing with the public that Pit Bulls, with the proper training, love and affection, are no worse for wear than the average dog. Book Review by Kathleen Hunter


Each tail teaches valuable lessons while giving children new perspectives at looking at life with dogs. Dogs not only enrich an adult's life through hundreds of ways, but can be a life-saver to so many youngsters out there in need of structure, compassion and simply a friend!

Consider reading at least one book a night to your child and if your lifestyle permits it, consider saving a k9 life to hang at that child's very bedside. Dogs are lifetime friends!