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January 01, 2013 Practical Advice for Bringing Your Dog to Work

So you are one of the lucky ones.  You work for an employer where you can bring your dog to work.  From small businesses to large established companies like Proctor & Gamble, Amazon and Google, enlightened employers...

January 01, 2013 Fostering: Passing the Love Onward

Lucky’s Petfinder profile drew me in immediately. There was something about the shy dog that captured my heart. After applying to be Lucky’s new family, we met him and his foster, Mary. On the day he came home, I thanked Mary for...

January 01, 2013 George and Buster - Part 3

People from all over the country make a trip to Wisconsin in the fall, when our treasured trees begin the process of going to sleep for the winter. On the Nagawicka golf course, the leaves change into such amazing colors: Blazing...

January 01, 2013 Norfolk Terriers: Small Package, Big Personality

We’ve all heard the expression, “Good things come in small packages,” but Liz Winowski has known this her whole life. “As terriers go, Norfolks are smaller than most, 11 pounds or so, but what they lack in size they make up for...

January 01, 2013 Why Your Veterinarian Wants You To Microchip Your Pet

It’s one of the stories that gives pet owners a shiver deep down inside: There was a rabbit. She slipped her collar. I called her, but she was so excited I don’t think she even heard me. Where on earth could she...

January 01, 2013 Woosh! Ski Patrol Dogs Who Save the Day

Ski patrol dogs are a unique way to go! Many ski resorts employ these heroic rescue dogs as an added safety measure. These dogs are trained to save lives in the event of an avalanche.

Sean Macedonio, President of Eastside K-9...

January 01, 2013 Introduction to Dog Federation of Wisconsin

The Dog Federation of Wisconsin (DFOW) is an all-volunteer organization which exists primarily to protect the rights of Wisconsin dog owners.  DFOW members include individuals, as well as dog clubs and other state canine...

January 01, 2013 What’s New in Dog Surgery?

Your dog needs surgery.

For dog owners who have been in these shoes, there are many questions as you decide the next steps for your beloved family member:  What procedures are offered?  Who will do the surgery? ...

January 01, 2013 The Coldest Of Winters

It was an evening between the two holidays that cannot be erased.  The modest construction company I worked for has always shut down between Christmas and New Year’s.  So I had enjoyed some ice fishing early in the week...

December 31, 2012 Estate Planning for Pets

Everyone’s life has unforeseen circumstances worth planning for, especially when children or pets are in tow. In many households today, pets have achieved the child’s status, becoming the four-legged heirs to their owner’s...

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