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2014 Advertising Options

There are numerous options to promote your business in Fetch Magazine.

Click here to open the 2014 Fetch Advertising Guide.

Click here to open the online advertising order form to request a listing in the Canine Marketplace or to request a print ad.

Click here to request info about our Canine Marketplace and options for placing a print ad in Fetch Magazine.

Click here to see where Fetch Magazine is distributed throughout south and southeast Wisconsin.

The links above will open documents that include information on our distribution area, advertising deadlines, and an FAQ section. If you have any additional questions, click here and I'll answer your questions as soon as possible.

It is understood that the advertiser and/or agency are jointly and severally liable for payment of invoices for advertising published. Any failure by Fetch Magazine to invoice advertiser for any amount owed will not be considered a waiver of its rights to receive that or any future amount.

By submitting an Order Form, advertisers and/or their agents assume liability for advertising content including, but not limited to, text and illustrations, and are responsible for any claims arising from advertising made against the online publication or it representatives. Advertisements are accepted and published upon the representation by the agency and/or advertiser that they are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof and that such publication, or availability will not violate any law or infringe upon any right of any party. Advertisers and/or their agencies will indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless for any loss or expense resulting from claims or suits for defamation, libel, violation or right of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, unauthorized use of any person’s name or photograph, unfair competition, unfair trade practice, and infringement of trademarks, trade names, or patents. The liability for the Publisher for any error or omission or delay for which it may be held legally responsible shall in no event exceed the cost of the space paid and occupied by such individual advertisement. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement and shall not be held liable for damages if, for any reason, fails to publish an advertisement. The Publisher shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to publish or make available the website due to accidents, fires, acts of God, or any other circumstances not within the control of the Publisher.

The Publisher reserves the right to cease publication of advertisements upon default in the payment of any invoice or lack of payment at time of contract signing. Advertisers and/or their agencies shall pay, on all past-due amounts, a collection fee and/or attorneys’ fees, plus the cost of suit, if instituted.

The agency and advertiser agree not to make promotional or merchandising reference to www.fetchmag.com or Fetch Magazine in any way without the prior permission of the Publisher.

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