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Fetch Magazine is Wisconsin’s first publication focusing solely on our four-legged friends.

Fetch Magazine looks at the unique bond we have with our canine companions and the ways we engage them into our lifestyles. It also helps us in Wisconsin learn how to include our loyal companions in every part of our daily pursuits – and to hopefully encourage more local businesses to recognize the importance of saying, “Yes, you can bring your dog.“

Fetch Magazine expands and enlightens the nature of our relationships with dogs, providing both entertaining and informative features for Wisconsin dog lovers. An informative and thought-provoking look at life shared with our four-legged friends, Fetch Magazine fills a niche unexplored by other local publications. “We strive to provide our readers with the very latest in what this area has to offer for dog owners: parks with no leash restrictions; events catering solely to the canine variety; and ideas to spend quality time with your pooch. Every issue also touches on topics that may have already been discussed in the national realm, such as health, grooming and training advice; breed profiles; and canine news but we bring them down to the local level, where the power of information has a greater chance of being used.

Fetch Magazine is the source for obtaining a new groomer or planning a weekend getaway with your pooch. Interested in pampering your dog with a massage or showering him with homemade treats and specialty wear? You’ll find the answers in Fetch Magazine and now on www.fetchmag.com. With behavioral articles alongside tail-waggin’ features such as Valentine’s Day gift ideas and summer fun suggestions, Fetch Magazine is truly a dog lover’s dream come true…an accurate and amusing reflection of the many ways dogs share and enrich our lives.

We named this publication “Fetch” because it gives the perception of having playful interaction with your dog. We encourage our readers to become involved in activities with their “buddy” and to look through our magazine, in print and online, to pick out local training clubs that offers classes in agility, flyball, lure coursing, and an array of activities that challenge the dog mentally and physically. Dogs were meant to share our homes with us and to be our companions. Living with a dog should not be a burden, rather it should enrich our lives and make us feel just as good as he feels when we walk in the door. Fetch Magazine will be there as a resource to offer suggestions that enrich the relationship with our canine companions.

Fetch Magazine is available free at area dog and pet establishments.

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