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June 01, 2007

Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs

By: Amy Ammen - Amiable Dog Training

If you have a hyper dog, you’re probably exasperated or embarrassed or maybe even driven slightly crazy by all that hyperactivity. You’ve got plenty of excuses, of course: It’s his breed, or her personality, or your busy schedule. Whatever. The bottom line is that a walk in the park is anything but, and you’ve developed a litany of reasons for meeting friends and family anywhere but your own little nest.

But here’s good news: There’s no longer any need to hide your head or your hound! The reason? Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs – a book designed specifically to change your dog’s world from hyper to happy.

Written by trainer extraordinaire, and Wisconsin native, Amy Ammen, this comprehensive guide doesn’t promise overnight results. But it does provide solutions that promise to turn your hyper dog around in relatively short order – and ensures you of a good time, to boot.

Chatty and anecdote-filled, Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs whisks the reader through a short course in obedience training basics before getting to the heart of transformation.

Included are:
High-octane energy burners, especially useful when time is tight
- Show-stopping tricks that can even redeem a dog in the eyes of his past victims
- Organized sports to turn your dog into a team player while giving you both a social network and plenty of motivation
- Techniques to ensure happy outcomes when you’re faced with potentially traumatic events
- Best of all, there’s an entire troubleshooting chapter with succinct solutions to problems from aggression to zoning out.

Hyperactive dogs tend to be hyper-intelligent, too; it’s a shame to waste all that potential. If you’ve been guilty of doing so, don’t delay: Pick up, read and apply this book – and watch your pooch become the companion you’ve always dreamed of!

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