IN-FOCUS Photography

IN-FOCUS Photography

This summer was a tough one. I lost my best friend on July 8th (she's photographed to the left), and I will never be the same. Making the choice to euthanize the love of my life has taken a huge toll on my soul this year. To tell you the truth, I didn't even want to produce this issue. I didn't want to have to write such a depressing note to all of you. But I have to be real. Tess was "that one dog" for me. She was so beautiful and QUIRKY! I've never known a dog to be afraid of flies, but she was. She would shake whenever she saw a fly in the house. I never understood the cause, but there you have it. A "bully" afraid of flies. She was also the most human-like of all the dogs I've known. She really responded to the emotions of the humans around her. She had a gift of bringing people together as well. On the day of her death, I was at an event where I had to leave, and the volunteers just blew my mind with their kindness and generosity. Everyone came together to help me. THANK YOU!

Each dog possesses his or her own unique quirks, something you are sure to remember when they pass on. So take the time to really savor the moments your best furry friend gives you. Quirks and all, that dog loves you. You are that dog's world and sharing a piece of your heart is inevitable. A piece of mine is definitely missing now but that is life. This issue is not only a tribute to my Tess but is a tribute to all of your quirky dogs.

To loving them no matter what the emotional cost is & to savoring the strange and unusual moments,

 Nastassia Putz

My Tess Drawing By Brittany Farina

My Tess

Drawing By Brittany Farina