Dear FETCH Friends:

To be perfectly honest, I have never been a person motivated by sports. I'm sure my father is rolling his eyes right now at that statement. But it's true. I've always liked art and writing much more. I can't even remember the last time I played a sport. Does throwing a pen across the room count? LOL!

This issue is dedicated to all of you sports fans out there. I hope you and your dogs gain some insight into something fun and new to try. Our summers don't last long enough, if you ask me, so if the days are sunny and blue, it's time to take your dog out for a game of fetch, a run, a swim or just a nice long walk. The trails are calling your name.

And let's not forget all of the wonderful fairs and other events that allow us to bring and/or spoil our pets: Ride To End Dogfighting (June 24), Thank Dog It's Friday (June 25), Walk, Run, Wag (July 8) and HAWS' Pet Fair (August 19) for instance. It's that fantastic time of year where we can all really gather outside to celebrate our 4-legged friends. Take advantage!

To Fun in the Sun, Playing Sports & Going to Awesome Events,

 Nastassia Putz